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Bushrangers score another grant!

Bushrangers score another grant!

The awesome Sunshine Coast Council Community Grants program has just approved a $20000 grant for us which will be for the new beginner/skills trail at Parklands.

But don’t crack open the bubbly yet as it’s conditional on us getting the Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing’s “Get Playing Places and Spaces Program” grant. That grant is for a cool $100,000 and our application is currently being assessed and the winners will be announced later this year. Here’s hoping that we get the big one because $120k will make 2017 a very big year for Parklands and mountain biking on the coast.

Fingers crossed!


Global Fat Bike Day 2016 – 03/12/2016

Global Fat Bike Day 2016 – 03/12/2016
Rare photo of GFBD2015 where we weren't all gap jumping

Stop holding your breath folks, it’s that time again – Global Fat Bike Day 2016! #GFBD2016

The day where 0.0001% of riders who actually own fatbikes can stand up and shout about easily riding through sand (or that rare Queensland snow), brag about climbing loose rocky slopes with the unlimited traction and conveniently forgetting to mention things like rotational mass, chain rub, self-steer, expensive tyres, and weird-ass off-set spoke patterns. OK FINE!! Fatbikers do that every day but this is still our day so tough luck!

So this year’s ride will be over at Bribie Island. We start at the surf club and ride along the beach while the tide lets us then its BBQ and beers and a lovely ride back under the moonlight. Romantic eh?

So if you got a fatbike or are fatbike curious (it’s OK we don’t spank our initiates) jump onto the Facebook page and have a look – https://www.facebook.com/events/161231834288047/

Michael “Is this sand we are riding on?” Johns
Club Secretary


We’ve made a change to joining Bushrangers

We’ve made a change to joining Bushrangers

Hello everyone,

It’s not a big change but we’ve added the ability to be a ‘club only’ member to anyone who doesn’t want to pay the insurance component that is charged when you apply through MTBA.

So if you’re a member of another association like Cycling Australia or another MTBA club and already have mountain biking insurance then you can just pay the membership fee of $30/yr direct to us and be a member of the Bushrangers. This also applies if you have your own insurance or simply don’t believe in it.

You will need to sign a waiver saying you understand mountain biking has the potential to harm you and you don’t want the insurance.

But mountain biking can involve bad things like bouncing down gorges on your face so the MTBA insurance is good to have and it is required for a lot of races. For new riders MTBA offer the 8-weeks free membership so if you want the security of having insurance while you give mountain biking a try then sign up at http://www.mtba.asn.au/membership/free-trial-membership/ 

For more information check out the new Join Us page.


Pomona to Lake MacDonald Ride Summary 17/10/2016

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Pomona to Lake MacDonald Ride Summary 17/10/2016

Meeting up bright and early along Reserve St, Pomona, we set about prepping our bikes, catching up on what riding people have been doing in the past week, and welcoming Kelly-Anne and Lucy who tagged along for the ride.

At just past 7am we headed out along the railway before ducking under the tracks and heading into the Yurol forest. Heading north along the various forestry access roads we hopped across Yurol Forest Drive and snaked our way onto Kidd Road before jumping on and off Ringtail Creek Road, along Forest Acres Drive and then riding the single tracks north of Lake MacDonald.

Stopping off at Cod Park for a bit of rest and a photo op. The lake was looking pristine in the bright mid morning sun.

Continuing on along ‘Trail 4’ and Hamilton Road to Kennedys Road then back to Pomona through the Yurol Forest.

Finishing our ride at the Trail 518 cafe in Pomona and taking in a few coffees while talking about the great trail networks both locally and overseas. The 36km ride wasn’t enough for Kelly-Anne and Lucy so they set out along tail 5 to Cooran to do a bit of exploring within the beautiful Tuchekoi National Park that surrounds Mt Cooroora.

Thanks goes to Terry for leading the ride and picking a great route.


HQ Plantations Permit

HQ Plantations Permit

HQ Plantations LogoThe club now holds an annual permit covering our activities within the local state forestry areas managed by HQ Plantations.

Our conversation with HQ Plantations began earlier in the year and has resulted in a permit that covers all local forestry areas. We’re looking forward to working closely with HQ Plantations to increase recreational activities in the state forests by leveraging existing trail networks and hopefully creating new ones.

Great things can be done within a plantation area – the Kowen Forest Pine Plantation in the ACT that plays host to the Kowalski Classic and Mont 24hr events is one such example.

We like to thank Angela, Stephanie and Julie from HQ Plantations for assisting us with the permit process.

The forestry areas covered by our permit are:

  • Amamoor
  • Beerwah
  • Beerburrum West
  • Beerburrum East
  • Yurol
  • Ringtail